Kitten FAQ's

Yes, but as with all treats, make sure it is fed in moderation only, and that the main diet is reduced to allow for the additional calories.
Yes, all of our cat food range is free from grains and cereals.
If he is well developed and as tall as he is going to get or at risk of unwanted weight gain (e.g. neutered early and/or indoor cat) he can eat Adult Food. 

A small kitten, especially if there is more upward growth to complete can be fed on our Kitten Food (usually up until about a year of age).
Arden Grange Kitten food is suitable to introduce from weaning, which usually starts at around 3.5 - 4 weeks of age.
To provide steady energy release, and supply other nutrients including vitamin c, vitamin B6 and potassium. 

It is often an ideal alternative carbohydrate source for cats known or suspected to be allergic or intolerant to grains/cereals. 

In its cooked form, it is very digestible.

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