Dogs for Good


Bringing people and dogs together

Dogs for Good, is a charity that brings people and dogs together to help make everyday life possible. Through positive connections with a dog, they enable people to live more independently, help families to feel better connected and support people to fulfil their goals.


Enabling people to live happier, healthier and more independent lives

Dogs for Good expertly train dogs to enable people living with disability, autism, dementia and other conditions to live happier, healthier, more independent lives. These are dogs that open doors, that connect people in communities, that bring families together. Dogs that help people make everyday life possible in so many extraordinary ways.



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With your support, Dogs for Good can bring more people and dogs together to make life possible in so many extraordinary ways.


Everyday Dogs for Good relies on an extended family of volunteers to help fundraise in their community, look after our puppies and spread the word about their work.

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After a successful trial, we are now providing Dogs for Good with a supportive package to help feed their dogs.

Here are some of the dog's favourites

How you can help

Even the smallest donation could make a lasting difference to someone's life. Please make a contribution via Dogs for Good's website today and support this fantastic charity to continue its work.


Dogs can help change lives

By matching people with an assistance dog they have helped them to gain independence, confidence, and a best friend. Here are some of their amazing stories... 


Emma, Albie and Dougie

“Having Dougie makes me feel like I’ve won the lottery. No human can give us what he gives us.” Emma’s son, Albie is an energetic, engaging, chatty boy, who is constantly commentating on life. However, his autism can make things extremely challenging for him. “Generally, it felt like the world wasn’t ready for Albie,” says Emma. “Even popping out to the corner shop was a military operation. Simple things were overwhelming and utterly exhausting.” Dougie is a black Labrador who has been trained by Dogs for Good as an Autism Assistance Dog. His careful training and matching to just the right family, means that he can help Albie in a variety of ways, both practically and emotionally. “Dougie being with us means that Albie’s attention is focussed entirely on his best friend. That brings safety and a level of calm that I never thought possible and we go out and do so much more.” So much so that Albie now has a wish list of things he’s said he’d like to do with Dougie. “It covers everything from treasure hunting on the beach, forest adventures and food at the pub, apparently!” laughs Emma. Even when he’s not helping Albie, Dougie brings a special something to Emma and the rest of the family. “Taking him out for a free run is the best part of my day,” she says. “Being out with Dougie when he’s goofing about and having the best time makes us all very happy. He’s here for Albie but he works his magic on us all.”

Zoe and Sheila

At a time when the world should’ve been opening up for 16-year-old Zoe, all she could see were the walls closing in on her. Now, having Sheila’s support not only makes everyday life possible for Zoe, it’s also bringing unexpected freedoms. In her teens, Zoe was diagnosed with a degenerative condition that meant at given moment she could faint, have a panic attack or dislocate one of her limbs. Sometimes all three. “Gradually, I moved from crutches into a wheelchair and lost sight of ‘me’. Things became very dark…” When Zoe met her “wonderdog” Sheila, perfectly matched in personality and needs, doors began to open for her. Quite literally. With Sheila’s help, Zoe could attend University more easily. She could meet her friends. She could get around without feeling constantly exhausted and powerless. “I used to wear oversized, functional clothes because anything else was impossible for me to put on in a wheelchair. But now, because Sheila can help me get dressed, I can wear dresses that fit and suit me.” “Without Sheila, I couldn’t be outside on my own. It’s so lovely to enjoy the world again, and to be out without needing a ‘responsible adult’. Sheila’s enabled me to be more myself. With her help, I’m looking forward to a more independent future.”