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Product Variation


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Natural variation occurs throughout batches and deliveries of raw materials such as chicken meal and rice. For example, a patch of rice containing smaller grains will contain slightly less starch and therefore will produce slightly less expansion in the food. We try to minimise this by sourcing all raw materials from a limited number of suppliers and by testing samples as they arrive on site. The production process also ensures that a high degree of mixing occurs throughout, to ensure that the final food is as uniform as possible.


All Arden Grange products are manufactured in large production runs (e.g. 20 tonne volumes). This occasionally means that more that one batch of raw materials may be used in a single production run. Small differences between the batches can cause a variation in the expansion process.


The product process is controlled by a very sophisticated computer system, which endeavours to maintain a constant throughput of raw materials, heat, water, steam and fat. Despite this control, very small fluctuations will occur, for example if steam pressure drops slightly, this will cause small changes to the expansion of the kibble.


Any change in the expansion of a product will affect the appearance, i.e. produce a lighter or darker kibble, however it will have no effect on the nutritional performance since it will remain over 95% cooked and therefore still highly digestible. In addition, all producers of extruded pet food face the same challenges and, due to the extensive quality control checks, tight raw material constraints and sophisticated production systems that are already employed, it is believed that natural product variation would be extremely difficult to eradicate.


Arden Grange make every effort to ensure that our products reach you in perfect condition, but if you do have any concerns about quality, please do not hesitate to contact our customer services department.



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