superfood boosted for sensitive souls

Grain free, naturally hypoallergenic dry food for dogs and cats with sensitive tummies and skin
Sensitive souls need sensitive food, but what exactly constitutes a sensitive diet? We believe it should be:

  • Made from exceptionally well digested ingredients to suit a delicate digestive system (more than 70% of the immune cells inhabit the gut, so even animals with a robust digestion but other sensitivities can still benefit!)
  • Formulated to provide an optimal nutrient profile for immune support. Looking after the immune system can have knock-on positive effects on the other bodily systems.
  • Supremely tasty, since sensitive pets may have lower appetites if they are not feeling their best.
  • Formulated to support the skin, which is the largest organ of the body! Many sensitive pets are itchy as a result of allergic responses to specific dietary proteins, insects or substances within the environment.

our sensitive range can benefit every stage of your pets life


superfood blendfruit and plant extracts to help support the immune system
The benefits of adding superfoods to our diets are increasingly gaining recognition. Rich in certain compounds, these foods hold powerful potential to boost our health and that of our pets.

Our special superfood blend of fruit and plant extracts include nutrient-rich ingredients that have been selected for their excellent antioxidant properties and will provide much-needed support to dogs’ immune systems and overall health and well-being.
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*currently these products do not include our superfood blend