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Why Choose Arden Grange Nutritional Pet Food?




Naturally hypoallergenic

All Arden Grange products are naturally hypoallergenic meaning that our recipes do not include wheat gluten, beef, soya and dairy products, which are some of the more common dietary allergens that can affect cats and dogs. Some sensitive animals may react to artificial additives, so we use mixed tocopherols (vitamin E) and rosemary to stabilise our food naturally.


Life-stage and lifestyle diets

Each of our diets is specially formulated for a specific life-stage or lifestyle. Our canine range includes three dry growth diets that are formulated to support healthy development, and slow, steady growth. Within the adult range, there are products to suit different lifestyles, with more calorific feeds for the working, sporting and very active dog, and lower calorie products for the less active, overweight or senior dogs. Our feline range has all life-stages covered too, starting from 'Kitten fresh chicken & potato', moving on to three tasty adult varieties. Our 'Adult Light fresh chicken & potato' is suitable for cats that need to lose weight or senior cats that require less calories.


Botanical supplements*

All our dry diets include botanical supplements. You'll find cranberries, rosemary and yucca extract in all our dry products. Our Partners Dog Food wet food canned range includes seaweed, cranberries and yucca. These safe plant extracts have antioxidant properties which may help protect against oxidative stress.


Additional special ingredients*

All our dry diets include prebiotics FOS & MOS to support the digestion, nucleotides to support the digestion and immune system, and glucosamine, chondroitin and MSM to support the joints. We also include krill in our dry foods which is a very good source of the essential omega-3 fatty acids EPA and DHA.


Our Partners wet dog food range is low in carbohydrate and high in protein. These meat or fish rich products meet the same high standards as our dry foods and are ideal for discerning eaters.



Healthy doesn't have to mean bland, and our food is naturally delicious because of its high inclusion of meat or fish. We do not use any artificial flavourings, or added salt and sugar to enhance the taste.


Highly digestible

Every product is made from carefully selected ingredients which have a high nutritional value to cats and dogs. We use specified ingredients e.g. chicken as opposed to poultry or meat derivatives, for consistent quality.


Made to fixed formulae

Our recipes are made to fixed formulae, meaning that the ingredients remain consistent rather than altering according to availability or cost. This is especially beneficial for dogs and cats with sensitive skin and / or digestion as a fixed formula provides more consistency in products.  



We take particular care to formulate kibble that is an appropriate size, shape, texture and density for the species and age group for which they are marketed.


Naturally hypoallergenic treats

We produce a range of naturally hypoallergenic Crunchy Bites treat biscuits for dogs and our irresistible Tasty Liver Treat can be given to both cats and dogs.


*As a responsible and ethical company, Arden Grange fully appreciates the caution that must be taken when discussing the potential benefits of nutritional supplements. It is against the law to make medical claims. Whilst our ingredients are safe and natural, and may be beneficial to some of the cats and dogs fed on Arden Grange, we must highlight that their inclusion is not a substitute for veterinary intervention in the case of a sick animal.




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