News - 6th February 2024

During investigations conducted by ourselves and our suppliers, irregularities regarding elevated lead levels were detected in a production batch of the Arden Grange Sensitive Venison 395g wet food. As a precautionary measure, all remaining stock from the affected batch was promptly quarantined and will be disposed of immediately. All customers who Arden Grange sold this production batch to directly have already been contacted by us and instructed to discard products from this batch. The expiration date and batch number are printed on the products.

The affected batch is:

Sensitive Venison 395g with batch number 169MH and expiration date 05.10.2025

Retailers who received the affected batches have also been informed and instructed to post notices regarding the products still in circulation to inform customers accordingly. So far, we have not received any complaints regarding this batch, of any kind.

Normally, raw materials are inspected upon delivery. In the case of wild game, standard analysis for heavy metals includes lead. However, there were no anomalies in the initial samples. An elevated lead content was only discovered in individual products within this batch during further analysis. We presume that only a portion of the products from this batch are affected and that it may be due to sporadic contamination from ammunition residues during the hunting of the game. Nevertheless, to ensure maximum safety, the entire batch is being recalled or slated for destruction.

Furthermore, we are already in the process of ensuring that only wild game that has not been shot will be used in production in the future to avoid similar issues.

Rest assured, we are taking all necessary measures to prevent such issues in the future. For further assistance or questions, please contact our Customer Care team.