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diet clubJoining our Diet Club entitles you to free guidance regarding safe and effective weight loss. You'll receive valuable information to help your dog or cat reach (and maintain) their ideal weight, including tips to combat hunger and what to do if your pet reaches a plateau. We have rosettes and certificates for successful dieters, who will get the opportunity to feature on our social media pages to celebrate their progress (optional).FIND OUT MORE

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Ness Bird

Ness is a registered veterinary nurse, and holder of the Certificate in Canine and Feline Veterinary Health Nutrition. After 15 years practical experience as a practice nurse, NVQ assessor and technical writer, and over 17 years experience at Arden Grange, she has an in-depth knowledge of the practical aspects of feeding dogs and cats. Ness is canine-crazy and shares her home and office with a Staffordshire Bull Terrier (Salad) and Dobermann Cross (Gordon - who is shy).

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To help us to provide the best possible guidance for your nutrition enquiry, please let us know a little about your pet including species, breed/size, age, current diet and brief details of the problem/query.

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feeling a bit sensitive?If your pet has sensitive skin or a delicate digestion, choosing a diet from our Sensitive range could provide a soothing solution. All the sensitive products are made without grains, ideal for pets who cannot tolerate cereals. White fish is usually very easily digested even by extra sensitive pets and offers an alternative to common meat proteins. Venison (for dogs only) is also easy on a delicate gut and offers a very tasty novel meat protein source. The Sensitive dry dog foods contain a unique superfood blend of plant-based ingredients with antioxidant properties to help keep damaging free radicals in check including curcumin & black pepper and fruit extracts & healthy berries.SHOP NOW



“I just want you to know I have fed my dogs Arden Grange dog food for coming up to sixteen years. I have three Flat Coated Retrievers and people always comment on their lovely glossy coats! My eldest Flattie Daisy will be sixteen on 5/7/23 and I am asked what I attribute her age to - quite simply Arden Grange dog food, long walks and lots of love and fun! Nutrition is extremely important to me and I have found Ard...