Arden Grange meat and fish sources

By Ness Bird - Nutrition Adviser and RVN CertCFVHNut ©


Chicken is a good source of protein, niacin (B3), vitamin B6, selenium and phosphorous. All our chicken is barn - reared (no battery/intensive farming) in the UK, and husbandry is set to the strict criteria stipulated by DEFRA. These legislations state how the birds are fed, cared for and handled.

Fresh chicken
Our fresh chicken is surplus to the human food industry, so meets a very high standard of quality. This ingredient is unprocessed prior to inclusion in the recipe. Fresh chicken is included for its high palatability as well as its nutritional value.

Chicken meal
Our chicken meal comprises meat, bone and some offal. As it is a dry ingredient, it is a concentrated source of nutrients, and is a great natural source of minerals. We don’t include any parts of the chicken that are indigestible such as feet, beaks or feathers.

Chicken fat/oil
Our chicken oil is filtered to remove impurities and protein particles, meaning that the ingredient is non-provocative in animals that are allergic to chicken. Chicken oil is one of the most nutritionally valuable fat sources for dogs and cats, and is a great source of energy. 

Chicken digest
Our digest is made primarily from chicken livers which have been hydrolysed. This process makes a delicious coating for our dry products. Almost all extruded pet food includes digest, but not all manufacturers declare it and you might see it listed as “gravy” or “stock”. The digest is rarely associated with any allergic response and is generally considered safe for dogs with
chicken allergies.


Lamb is another high quality source of meat protein, and it is also rich in many important vitamins and minerals, which we like to derive naturally where possible.

Fresh lamb
Our fresh lamb is an aromatic and tasty ingredient, and its inclusion can often even tempt a dog with the most discerning palate. The lamb is reared outdoors in the UK, and like the chicken, is surplus to the human food industry - meaning a very high standard of quality.

Lamb meal
Our lamb meal is also produced from UK grass-reared stock. It is rich in calcium and is produced from meat, bone and some offal. It does not include wool, blood, heads, hooves and specified risk material such as the spinal cord.


Pork provides an excellent alternative protein source for dogs who suffer from allergies to the more common meats such as chicken. It is rich in vitamin B12, niacin (B3), vitamin C, selenium, zinc, iron and phosphorous. Our fresh pork is farmed in the UK.

Fresh pork
Our fresh pork is a tasty ingredient which dogs can easily digest. It does have a higher fat content than white meats, but we account for this by adding less oil to the recipe to ensure a moderate 16% fat content.

Pork meal
This high quality, nutrient-rich ingredient comprises meat, bone and some offal. As with our other meals, it does not include any parts of the pig that do not offer nutritional value to the product.


Fish is highly digestible, extremely nutritious and a rich source of the beneficial Omega-3 fatty acids. All of our fish is obtained from sustainable sources. We use only fish products which are fully traceable, derived from materials fit for human consumption and which are acceptable to the very stringent control measures imposed by the quality UK supermarkets.

Fresh salmon
Our salmon is reared for meat production in Scotland, and is rigorously tested for contaminants to ensure its safety.

Salmon meal
Salmon meal is a concentrated and dried source of salmon, which originates from Northern Europe.

Fresh white fish
Fresh white fish from the North Atlantic is included in our Adult Sensitive cat food and the Sensitive canine range for its great taste and high nutritional value. It is packed with B vitamins and is also a good source of minerals; especially selenium. The white fish is certified sustainable.

White fish meal
White fish meal is included in our Sensitive white fish and potato dry recipes for both cats and dogs. It is exceptionally easy to digest and contains high levels of the beneficial omega-3 fatty acids. The white fish meal originates from the North Sea / North Atlantic.

Fish digest
Fish digest is an aromatic palatant. It is produced from whole fish which are then minced. An enzyme is added which breaks down the proteins into short peptides (a process called hydrolysis), which then creates a liquid consistency. Fish digest is used in the canine Sensitive range of dry foods.

Fish meal
Our fish meal is composed primarily of whiting (white fish), and herring (oily fish). Fish meal is a natural and balanced feed ingredient that is high in protein, minerals, vitamins and micronutrients.

We include krill primarily as a source of Omega-3 DHA and EPA fatty acids, but it’s also rich in protein and many vitamins and minerals.


Egg contains protein of the very highest biological value, and its inclusion ensures that the products have an excellent amino acid profile. Although cats and dogs are capable of producing some of the amino acids they require for a variety of structural and functional needs themselves, others which they cannot must be supplied via diet. 

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