Chicken & superfoods

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Arden Grange Grain free light/senior chicken & superfoods 

Arden Grange Grain free light/senior chicken & superfoods is a complete, super premium pet food ideally suited for older or overweight dogs. It contains fewer calories and benefits from significantly higher levels of joint supplements compared to our adult maintenance diets. It is also suitable for younger dogs requiring less protein and/or fat. This recipe excludes grains and cereals and contains a novel carbohydrate source for dogs who cannot tolerate white potato or rice. This diet also includes our blend of nutrient-rich superfood ingredients. Our special superfood blends of fruit and plant extracts include nutrient-rich ingredients that have been selected for their excellent antioxidant properties, and will provide much needed support to dogs’ immune systems and overall health and wellbeing. The benefits of adding superfoods to our diets are increasingly gaining recognition. Rich in certain compounds, these foods hold powerful potential to boost our health and that of our pets

Advantages of Arden Grange Grain free light/senior chicken & superfoods at a glance: 

  • Grain free
  • With super foods
  • Naturally hypoallergenic
  • Higher levels of joint supplements<span"> 
  • Made in the UK